TOTALLY AMPED. Today I found out that every other week I'm going to be co-teaching an art class with my mom to jellybean sized students!!! Even though I'm not getting paid (Which usually helps...) I had a blast today with them! I even found out that I get to write my own curriculum for the class which also got me hyped! I love working with kids!!! I also start work this week with my sister and a mysterious new co-worker who's name has not been disclosed to me by my boss...hmmm. I've been having nightmares that it's going to be one of my little sister's friends who I had a fallout with in like 3rd grade...IS THIS A SIGN?! UG. Again, I wouldn't be dealing with dirty diapers, screaming children, and incompetant co-workers (THAT'S RIGHT AUBREY.) if I wasn't getting PAID. Or maybe I would. IDK.

           On a different note (with less exclamation points) I completed a new ink this week. I'm going to upload this one and a few more to DeviantArt  sometime next week. I think it's just easier to upload in bulk.
Anyhoo, thankies for stopping by :-) I gotta stop typing now...the Sing Off's back on.



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