School's starting and I'm NOT freaking out. School means knowledge, right? And knowledge is power...or something...

      Well I could tell you all about my ridiculously busy schedule but that would be boring, and selfish, and a waste of your time. I will tell you that I have FINALLY finished a watercolor painting two years in the making! I kind of found it in my back-burner folder, blew a year's worth of dust off of it, then finished it with an old dried up tube of guache and a worn out paint set. Let me know what you think:

        And fortunately it's done just in time for an art show I'll be entering this week. It's at a local library and every year I have a lot of fun. Speaking of which, I have to decide on five inks that I'm going to enter. If you guys and gals have any suggestions then sound off in the comments below!

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09/11/2011 2:39pm

LOVE your use of color as well as your pen & ink. Enjoyed reading your blog, too. Keep up the excellent work.

01/29/2012 4:49pm

Love it! i drew it before too! Remember all the fun times we had together at Mrs. Bakers'? :)

02/29/2012 7:28pm

You did? Haha I'll never come up with something original after coming out of that class! At least she didn't make me SPONGE this one :)


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