I  finally found time to put together another Kerri case, which I uploaded this morning. Those cases take a LOT of time and energy to put together so It's probably going to be a once-a-month deal. This one took a particularly long time because I inked in the image for the case then scrapped it due to perspective issues and had to start over.  Both images are below:
The older image...
...aaannnd the new one! This is the one I ended up using.
 I'll admit I'm very nervous when posting my writing anywhere. It's always been a tough spot for me and writing this case was no exception. It took three different tried to finally fit the dollhouse into the story (I draw the picture then create the story) and even now something just...doesn't sit right with me. I wrote it at microorganism-trying-to-get-from-point-A-to-point-B pace. (Point "A" being my cousin's house in North Carolina and point "B" being Canada.)   
I ended up using the second picture because I think it looks a bit cleaner, though the shadows in the first one do carry more weight and emotion. I would have stippled the entire ink but the project was taking enough time as it was. Maybe I'll do a crosshatching tutorial soon...

    AND I'm also SUPER excited for next month because my art is going to be featured in my local library. I have no idea which ones I'm going to print off and display. If you have any suggestions, let me know!



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