Tiptoes is all dots (I'll have to count all of them one day...) and took me approximately 11 hours to cpmplete(there is no solid scientific data to prove this approximation.) I started it before Christmas, I think, and it has taken all my energy to finish it this weekend. I am extremely happy with the result and can't wait to start on all my other ink projects now that this one is out of the way...you can be sure that none of my OTHER projects have any dots in them...I'm SICK of dots. Oh And I apologize about all the parenthesis. I use them when I'm happy (like when I get done with an ink that drained 11 hours of my life!)

For those of you who actually read this far, I did this ink with just 2  ball point pens (and a LOT of tootsie rolls.) Below are some detail shots.



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