This past week has been an exciting and memorable time for me. I graduated from High School on Tuesday with NJHSA and was shipped off on my senior trip to Southern New Jersey. If there's anything I really learned about myself this week it was that I REALLY like roller coasters...

  Now that my life is back to its "normal" routine (which means nothing because I'm STILL super busy) I hope to continue work on "Siberia". Note I uploaded a small doodle -- a character sheet for the main character, who remains silent throughout the story. The trouble with a silent character is that emotion must be conveyed that much more through facial expression and body language. It's going to be a real challenge for me and I mean to see it through. As of now, half of the book is just a heap of disorganized sketches under my desk (I REALLY need to clean my room...I'm a big boy now.) The other half has been collected in a few rough pages, on much smaller paper and in less detail than the final product. This mini-scale comic book is much easier to manage and provides me with some vision as to where the project is heading as far as layout and art. If I can get through this by the end of the year I should give myself a pat on the back (which is almost physically impossible but you get the point.) 


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