Usually after completing a drawing I feel a sense of freedom. I can't seem to draw two things at once. This posed a problem for all my DA friends wondering where I am while I did a recent stipple which took me upwards of 2 months to tackle. (a total of 25+ hours!) 

 But freedom for an artist (or whatever you would call me) is short lived. A new drawing is on its way and it is NOT going to be a picnic to complete. The specific composition and idea are somewhere but can't take shape. Whenever I pick up a pen, my hand shakes and I can't focus. FRUSTRATING. This has been going on for several days. I've had to throw out two complete drafts of my new ink and the third is a mess. Hopefully this won't last until September when I have an art show (It's a big thing for me) at a local library.

I'm thinking a nice day at the beach, away from people and pencils would do me some good. Hmmm...

(Is it weird to call them inks? I feel like a tattoo artist.) 



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