New ink uploaded to the gallery. Besides the sky which took a little longer than I wanted it to, I had fun with this one...and that's a good thing. 
 I took the weekend to give the site a much-needed makeover. There are a couple of pages still under construction so forgive any broken links (Email me if you find any!) A new S T U F F page has been added which will eventually house all of my little projects. I also hope to re-upload those five Visual Mystery cases when I get the chance. Life has been crazy! 
Usually after completing a drawing I feel a sense of freedom. I can't seem to draw two things at once. This posed a problem for all my DA friends wondering where I am while I did a recent stipple which took me upwards of 2 months to tackle. (a total of 25+ hours!) 

 But freedom for an artist (or whatever you would call me) is short lived. A new drawing is on its way and it is NOT going to be a picnic to complete. The specific composition and idea are somewhere but can't take shape. Whenever I pick up a pen, my hand shakes and I can't focus. FRUSTRATING. This has been going on for several days. I've had to throw out two complete drafts of my new ink and the third is a mess. Hopefully this won't last until September when I have an art show (It's a big thing for me) at a local library.

I'm thinking a nice day at the beach, away from people and pencils would do me some good. Hmmm...

(Is it weird to call them inks? I feel like a tattoo artist.) 

  This past week has been an exciting and memorable time for me. I graduated from High School on Tuesday with NJHSA and was shipped off on my senior trip to Southern New Jersey. If there's anything I really learned about myself this week it was that I REALLY like roller coasters...

  Now that my life is back to its "normal" routine (which means nothing because I'm STILL super busy) I hope to continue work on "Siberia". Note I uploaded a small doodle -- a character sheet for the main character, who remains silent throughout the story. The trouble with a silent character is that emotion must be conveyed that much more through facial expression and body language. It's going to be a real challenge for me and I mean to see it through. As of now, half of the book is just a heap of disorganized sketches under my desk (I REALLY need to clean my room...I'm a big boy now.) The other half has been collected in a few rough pages, on much smaller paper and in less detail than the final product. This mini-scale comic book is much easier to manage and provides me with some vision as to where the project is heading as far as layout and art. If I can get through this by the end of the year I should give myself a pat on the back (which is almost physically impossible but you get the point.) 
   I've recently fallen in love extremely enamored of the wonderful world of Scott McCloud. After reading his genius book Making Comics, I immediately ordered his award winning series Zot! and another of his books, Understanding comics. The level of detail and passion he puts into each of his projects is astounding- reading each page of his work is a new learning experience! 
 As for my own book, I've been working on a project which at this point is entitled "Siberia". So far it looks like it's going to be a ten to fifteen page graphic novel (though novel might not be the right word. Maybe short story.) I'm probably jinxing myself (like I always do) but I hope to finish it by the end of the year. I work at a snail's pace when drawing with usually hardly anything to show at the end. So this time around I'm giving myself plenty of time to collect ideas and sketches and hopefully some experience. I also plan on finishing another stipple (which has honestly been taking TOO long to finish.) by graduation next week. 

Check back soon!


      Tiptoes is all dots (I'll have to count all of them one day...) and took me approximately 11 hours to cpmplete(there is no solid scientific data to prove this approximation.) I started it before Christmas, I think, and it has taken all my energy to finish it this weekend. I am extremely happy with the result and can't wait to start on all my other ink projects now that this one is out of the way...you can be sure that none of my OTHER projects have any dots in them...I'm SICK of dots. Oh And I apologize about all the parenthesis. I use them when I'm happy (like when I get done with an ink that drained 11 hours of my life!)

For those of you who actually read this far, I did this ink with just 2  ball point pens (and a LOT of tootsie rolls.) Below are some detail shots.

    I  finally found time to put together another Kerri case, which I uploaded this morning. Those cases take a LOT of time and energy to put together so It's probably going to be a once-a-month deal. This one took a particularly long time because I inked in the image for the case then scrapped it due to perspective issues and had to start over.  Both images are below:
The older image...
...aaannnd the new one! This is the one I ended up using.
 I'll admit I'm very nervous when posting my writing anywhere. It's always been a tough spot for me and writing this case was no exception. It took three different tried to finally fit the dollhouse into the story (I draw the picture then create the story) and even now something just...doesn't sit right with me. I wrote it at microorganism-trying-to-get-from-point-A-to-point-B pace. (Point "A" being my cousin's house in North Carolina and point "B" being Canada.)   
I ended up using the second picture because I think it looks a bit cleaner, though the shadows in the first one do carry more weight and emotion. I would have stippled the entire ink but the project was taking enough time as it was. Maybe I'll do a crosshatching tutorial soon...

    AND I'm also SUPER excited for next month because my art is going to be featured in my local library. I have no idea which ones I'm going to print off and display. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

        Over the past week or two I've really been exploring different techniques, specifically stippling. I've found that it feels so much more natural than crosshatching, and it looks better too!
Ben detail




        Night has a silly way of making the most ridiculous things seem utterly wonderful. I don't know why I would love to be out in some mosquito-infested field staring up at the stars, shivering in the September cold. Maybe because it's hot and stuffy in my bedroom and my little brother keeps kicking me. Though, I can't imagine a better time to think about that new box of colored pencils I got for 12 cents at staples...
                                                                                        And so the Pluto Diner was constructed:
I'm sorry, but 1:00 in the morning is too early for us artist's to go to bed right? And who wants those colored pencils and that blank sketchbook to go untouched? Certainly not me. Normally I wouldn't go near anything having to do with color. But again, night does funny things to me.

            TOTALLY AMPED. Today I found out that every other week I'm going to be co-teaching an art class with my mom to jellybean sized students!!! Even though I'm not getting paid (Which usually helps...) I had a blast today with them! I even found out that I get to write my own curriculum for the class which also got me hyped! I love working with kids!!! I also start work this week with my sister and a mysterious new co-worker who's name has not been disclosed to me by my boss...hmmm. I've been having nightmares that it's going to be one of my little sister's friends who I had a fallout with in like 3rd grade...IS THIS A SIGN?! UG. Again, I wouldn't be dealing with dirty diapers, screaming children, and incompetant co-workers (THAT'S RIGHT AUBREY.) if I wasn't getting PAID. Or maybe I would. IDK.

           On a different note (with less exclamation points) I completed a new ink this week. I'm going to upload this one and a few more to DeviantArt  sometime next week. I think it's just easier to upload in bulk.
Anyhoo, thankies for stopping by :-) I gotta stop typing now...the Sing Off's back on.